Banana Pi + USB needs

This weekend, I found myself in a very unique situation with the Banana pi. I ran out of USB ports.. 2 just wouldn’t do. I was switching back and forth with the keyboard/mouse.

I needed at least 3:

1 Wireless WiFi
1 Keyboard
1 Mouse

So, what to do??

Well, I try not to get too personal with blogs but here it is. I have had trouble in the past with relationships. It’s true. 1/2 Asian straight female programmer – lots of dating opportunity, nothing real.
So, basically what happened was my 30 year old boyfriend went to the store and he brought home a man – the perfect man. Things with my boyfriend – not so great even before I fell for this man!

My friends say it’s not right the way I talk about this man. He is the love of my life.
I have finally found true love.
It came out of nowhere.
This man:

Does whatever I ask
Doesn’t complain
Doesn’t cost me any money
Works hard
Is not interested in anything physical
Constantly Smiles
He is totally cute too!

Of course, he’s a little codependent, but I forgive him that.
He never gets angry. He has no hate in him. His heart is pure.


He is…. USB MAN!!!!
I finally found true love!