Edison Test

Edison and Edware Testing

Note: Edison is no longer supported – EOF info found here:


Purpose and Scope

Offer workshops at conferences using Edware and Edison (with internet access)

Possibly offer Edison to labs? (without internet access)

Edblocks only seems available with internet acess.


Extension for Edware on Chrome (Dec 30, 2017)

Extension for Edware on Chromium (used on Desktop Kids Edition) (Dec 30, 2017)

Extension for Edware on Chromium (used on Pi Kids Edition)


Extension for Edware on Chrome

Installed and enabled
Installed and enabled


Shows in menu for Chrome on Mint… not in Raspbian Kids Desktop version with Chromium…


Offline attempt to program


Note: I think I lost some range of sound — with the volume at max. Very loud on my system.


Add a variable


Save your new variable


Add your elements



Save the program




Offline test


Saved variable


add other elements – note description – 😀

Yes. Yes this was offline.


Warning about saving locally

Saved locally

Loaded the offline saved program.

The extension worked for the Raspbian based distro for kids on Chromium!







Extension works for Chrome and Chromium.

Local saving could be an issue if cache is cleared.

Online offering of EdBlocks looks like the only option at this time.