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Apache’s Open Office FAQs

These can be currently found at: http://www.openoffice.org/faq.html   The following is licensed under the Apache License v. 2.0. The changes I made were to formatting and removing “back to top”.   Source & Technology: Questions   How can I get the source code from OpenOffice.org? What should I download? May I offer to sell a CD-ROM…
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Peacefire’s Blocking Software FAQs

Below are the FAQs from Peacefire used with permission. The original site is located at: http://www.peacefire.org/info/blocking-software-faq.html Blocking Software FAQ What kind of sites are blocked by the different blocking programs?How can I get a list of sites blocked by a given censorware program?I heard that a site was blocked by a particular program, but when…
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Digital Magazine – Spring 2014

Available Mid Spring 2014. Articles include: Documentation Writing for FOSS Selecting a Project Who is the audience? Good documentation Censorship Community Issues Primer Mini How Tos 10 Quick Steps to using xvidcap for screen capture FAQs Censorware and Blocking Software FAQ Apache OpenOffice FAQ One Laptop (Tablet) for Each Child Tutorials Raspberry Pi e-Learning Projects…
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GNU Linux Kids!

Alex M. hosts the GNU Linux Kids show for our gurus in training!   Alex is in the 5th grade and has been using Debian since he was old enough to move a peripheral device! He reviews tools, applications, utitilites, distros. He discusses community issues. His most recent episode on Youtube is found here: Tweet

Post Your SCORM compliant e-learning

If you have some online training in  SCORM format that you would like to publish and post, we would be happy to post this for you for a nominal fee. Fees usually range at 20%. Therefore, you will receive 80% of profits from use of your training. We have a separate MOOC style learning platform…
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Our e-Learning Options

Currently, our e-Learning platform is Moodle. We tried eFront, Sakai, and other options but found Moodle to be best for our needs. JoomLearn LMS came a close second!   Training certifications are available at several different levels. Beginner Mid-Level Advanced   We offer certificate training to meet compliance requirements for: Legal considerations – GNU Linux…
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FAQ Linux

Community Responsibility Freedom   Tweet


Tutorials will be posted in this category.   If you have any good tutorials, please share. We can either post a link to your tutorial (video or textual). We can embed a YouTube video here or post the content here with your permission if the content is not public domain. Tweet