Migrate from Owncloud to Nextcloud

Is your Information Free?

For decades, we have worked for freedom.

Freedom to tinker, keeping information free, management of information, freedom from censorship.

When considering your content, privacy and ownership or control of your private content, consider a private solution.


If you are interested in NextCloud, the Next BEST thing, check out





Nextcloud – a safe home for all your data

We trust Nextcloud. We trust the developers, including Frank, are working towards the best possible solution.



For migrating, the following link will provide an awesome blog post with accurate and complete information regarding migration from ownCloud to Nextcloud.

3 reasons to upgrade your ownCloud instance to Nextcloud and how easy it is


We support Nextcloud.


1. Dropbox is limited. The hoops are bothersome.

2. Google Drive is an alright option but could be improved.

3. I don’t like using Google docs. I prefer LibreOffice.

4. Private cloud is important. Note: When we first forked remastersys to develop Linux Respin, we were using Owncloud and Ventrillo with our own IRC. Nextcloud is our current preference. We installed Nextcloud on a Pi 3 using Raspbian and the WDLabs external drive after we learned of Nextcloud at SCaLE 15x.

5. The developers, including Frank, were actually at the Conference.

This, was a gift.

Well, we can’t speak for “every” developer. My soul was screaming – Yaaaasssssssssss!!!!!!

Let’s be honest. At Comicon, you might want to see Stan Lee. At a Linux Conference, you want to see the superstars! You want to talk shop. Eye candy is nice but I want the real deal! What about you? Like a dream come true! At long last! 🙂 Finally! Someone gets it.

6. Community: See above.

Try it… you’ll like it.

It’s alright, it’s not like you’re cheating on Google. We approve of this message.

Thanks guys! Keep up the great work