May 2019 – Arizona: The important stuff!

The inaugural meeting for the West Side + Pi. West side has been “neglected” for many years. Each member brought a pi, which was really cool! We had some amazing beverages at Pureatea.

Recently, we lost the Tucson meeting.

Forming the West Side meeting

Rudy lives on the West Side, and one day, I met him at Pureatea. We work on Respin together and he has a new server he wanted to offer some to respin. I appreciate that, a lot. We started talking about meetings and Rudy suggested one for the West Side. He did the ground work – we spoke with the owners, and as usual, I was late for the first meeting. Rudy had the tables all set up and even a sign. Having Rudy on the West Side is really awesome. Thanks, Rudy!!!!

We discussed pi projects, helped with (at least tried) to burn images (a few macs were involved).

Gordon brought his NCS 2 and pi. That was very cool. I gave a Desktop AI demo.

Timothy set up our discord server! Thanks!


We need a pic of the beverages! Next time!!

05/04/2019 – West Side Linux + PiĀ  at Pureatea in Glendale, AZ



Marcia Wilbur – Copper LUG BDFL

Rudy Ganther – Organizer