False Assumptions

False Assumption 1: People will use Windows –

It’s enough I’m tinkering with a laptop and a board, but then these instructions throw in a Winblows OS for no good reason or logic. The only thing I can think of is either the audience is for anyone below the IQ of 100 or the author of the blog/article/instructions and the editor are not even considering for a moment… the dev.


I don’t want to pick on any one particular site, so let’s go generic. Recently, I read an article about Ubuntu. The instructions led me to create a USB with Ubuntu 16.04 and create a USB with Ubuntu Core using Windows. However, to create my keys to setup on Ubuntu.com, I was required to use Linux…

So, now, you want me to have:

A Windows Machine

No. Let’s just stop right there. Do you – Honorable Author of the Article – Just ASSUME I somehow have access to a Winblows operating system???? Why is that a valid assumption? There were no Mac instructions either. I mean, if you are going to tell the dev how to burn a USB, why not give equal time to Mac and Linux, as well.

This honestly is simple ignorance. Maybe my household is unique. However, the exclusion of Mac or Linux instructions to write a USB seems exclusive.