Community News week of June 30 2019

This week:


University of Chicago, Google Alphabet and sharing sensitive data – but how sensitive? Could you connect the dots – maybe…?

GNU Linux

In the – thankful I’m not an admin there – cloudfare went down for a bit

In the – but freedesktop uses contributor covenant category – The weston 6.1 release happened

In the – I don’t think Linus is really the Foundation’s bitch department – Linus is BACK!


  • In the – This sucks department – Youtube banning hacking videos

  • Somewhere on twitter: In the – not censorship again department – Techrights was briefly in Hackernews
  • Camera and IoT – jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers

Cybersecurity Experts Blocked 5 Million Attempted Hacks of IoT Cameras