Man Pages – Overview

In general, man pages can be found by typing at the command prompt:

# manpath

To view individual man pages, type at the command prompt:

# manpath <command>

For example, if you would like to view the man page for emacs, type:

# manpath emacs

If emacs is not installed, the system will display a message that indicates this.

If emacs is not installed, resolve this issue immediately!!!! 🙂


To view man pages in emacs, select “M-x man” to change to this mode. Enter the command you need.

To view the listing in color, use “M-x woman”.

Man Pages

While projects usually have a man page, there may be a time when you find there actually is not a man page available for a tool or application. Back in the early 2000s, I wrote a man page for ffmpeg. I was using ffmpeg at the time and there was no man page. I never submitted this to the developers because I was just curious how to create a man page and used this for my own purposes.

My challenge to you is if you see an application, tool or utility and you have even the most basic knowledge or have used the tool/app/utility, create a man page if there is none. I will post that here. This will make the man page available to the community! This can be extremely useful.