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I was asked by the Editor in Chief to write a short piece about using sdX and the benefits of sdX over explicitly declaring sda¬†or sdb. Just say no to explicit declaration. You wouldn’t think we needed to explain what sdX is – but apparently so. The X substitutes the drive letter in documentation –…
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Linux Installfest HOWTO

This information is an update and in addition to the Linux Installfest HowTo found on tldp. Questions to the attendee: Do you want to keep your files that are on this machine now? You might think this is a given. However, a few weeks ago, at the hands of the Ubuntu LoCo team lead, an…
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Gnu Linux Kids

Alex has a few new offerings over on YouTube for the kids. Looks like he’s been playing around with Circus Linux! and audio. This past week, he moved to Debian from Ubuntu after he found out Ubuntu was spyware (dun dun dah). He has a video that shows how to install alsamixer, and a demo…
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GNU Linux Kids!

Alex M. hosts the GNU Linux Kids show for our gurus in training!   Alex is in the 5th grade and has been using Debian since he was old enough to move a peripheral device! He reviews tools, applications, utitilites, distros. He discusses community issues. His most recent episode on Youtube is found here: Tweet