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  • Single User Mode

    Single User Mode

    If you need to get access and you don’t want to do a heap overflow thing, try single user mode first. This is easily done by editing Grub to invoke bash at start. Option 1 If the Grub menu does not automatically display, bring up Grub. Press the left shift key during restart to bring […]

  • Migrate from Owncloud to Nextcloud

    Is your Information Free? For decades, we have worked for freedom. Freedom to tinker, keeping information free, management of information, freedom from censorship. When considering your content, privacy and ownership or control of your private content, consider a private solution.   If you are interested in NextCloud, the Next BEST thing, check out     […]

  • Get Nextcloud from a RedHat Repository

    Nextcloud is available in the Fedora repositories. FAQ 1: I see it. I want it…I really want it… but then it says I can’t get it!!! So, if you find that you see NextCloud in the repository but you cannot seem to install this, you could upgrade CentOS and make sure, as usual, your dependencies […]

  • Is the soda machine watching you!

    Is the soda machine watching you!

    The soda machine is not only watching you, but it is also gathering data about consumption. Fine… that might be alright – but… what about this: A VMWare product – AirWatch is in these. They also have product lines in Video. Stop using VMWare for so many reasons. If all the Linux users stopped using […]

  • LXLE Time Out onto Lock (TOoL)!    ¯\(°_o)/¯

    LXLE Time Out onto Lock (TOoL)! ¯\(°_o)/¯

    No Postmates? Did you leave the house and come back to a Pixelated view? Change the timeout settings! From the LXLE page: Lock Screen edit time. You can also lock screen by placing cursor in top right corner. open a terminal and input      gksu pluma /usr/local/bin/locker change the 15 after -time to […]

  • Linux Installfest HOWTO

    This information is an update and in addition to the Linux Installfest HowTo found on tldp. Questions to the attendee: Do you want to keep your files that are on this machine now? You might think this is a given. However, a few weeks ago, at the hands of the Ubuntu LoCo team lead, an […]

  • OpenWRT


    The instructions for OpenWRT coming. In preparation, get your vi commands ready. No emacs at first. Don’t forget wlan, dhcp…. then you can opkg. Tweet

  • Gnu Linux Kids

    Alex has a few new offerings over on YouTube for the kids. Looks like he’s been playing around with Circus Linux! and audio. This past week, he moved to Debian from Ubuntu after he found out Ubuntu was spyware (dun dun dah). He has a video that shows how to install alsamixer, and a demo […]

  • Man Pages – Overview

    In general, man pages can be found by typing at the command prompt: # manpath To view individual man pages, type at the command prompt: # manpath <command> For example, if you would like to view the man page for emacs, type: # manpath emacs If emacs is not installed, the system will display a […]