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  • Linux Installfest HOWTO

    This information is an update and in addition to the Linux Installfest HowTo found on tldp. Questions to the attendee: Do you want to keep your files that are on this machine now? You might think this is a given. However, a few weeks ago, at the hands of the Ubuntu LoCo team lead, an […]

  • In Your Pocket – DMCA

    In Your Pocket: The DMCA This book covers each section of the DMCA in detail for the layperson. The printed version is meant to actually fit in your pocket! This version is covered by CC-Attribution-No Derivs license and is free to distribute per the author.   PocketDMCA_Wilbur Tweet

  • GNU Linux Documentation

    GNU Linux Documentation

    Documentation can be key to configuration, saving time and saving money. With good documentation, users can efficiently move through applications, tools or utilities. Without documentation, trial and error may be at play. Research may be required. Documentation here includes: Man pages Mini How-Tos FAQs Tutorials User Guides Books Tweet