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Category: DX – Developer Experience

Community, Responsibility, Freedom


I was asked by the Editor in Chief to write a short piece about using sdX and the benefits of sdX over explicitly declaring sda¬†or sdb. Just say no to explicit declaration. You wouldn’t think we needed to explain what sdX is – but apparently so. The X substitutes the drive letter in documentation –…
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DX: The Developer Experience

For many years, our work focused on the user experience. This mainly was due to the fact the documentation was largely for what we considered “users”.   Recently, we could measure and provide data to indicate the population of developers who were also users. In the past, development documentation could be as simple as a…
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False Assumptions

False Assumption 1: People will use Windows – It’s enough I’m tinkering with a laptop and a board, but then these instructions throw in a Winblows OS for no good reason or logic. The only thing I can think of is either the audience is for anyone below the IQ of 100 or the author…
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