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Leaving Github?

Why not? Easy to do… Just keep your repo or clone your repos. Click settings to delete your repo. Tweet


I was asked by the Editor in Chief to write a short piece about using sdX and the benefits of sdX over explicitly declaring sda¬†or sdb. Just say no to explicit declaration. You wouldn’t think we needed to explain what sdX is – but apparently so. The X substitutes the drive letter in documentation –…
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Distro Selection Criteria or What distro works for me?

No one and I mean, no one can really tell you which distro is best. Opinions are not facts, right?! So which distro works for you? Check out distrowatch to see if you can find a distro that works for your needs! If you need assistance installing GNU Linux, there are Linux User Groups and…
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New Content

There is additional content. Would you like to contribute? contact admin at faqlinux.com We could use authors and editors. Tweet

Linux Magazine - new called Free Stuff

New Open Source LMS coming: Name suggestions?

Courtesy of FAQ Linux… Soon…   Tweet

Promo 1 Li/ove Linux Expo October 2018

  https://slide.ly/promo/edit/59ae3778f8bb6e1b267b23d8 Tweet

Single User Mode

If you need to get access and you don’t want to do a heap overflow thing, try single user mode first. This is easily done by editing Grub to invoke bash at start. Option 1 If the Grub menu does not automatically display, bring up Grub. Press the left shift key during restart to bring…
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This Week’s Content Callout

Did you know – VMware is in the Coke machine? Did you know – Linux Foundation welcomed VMware? Did you know… VMware took our open code and closed that up?   I’d LOVE to see a competing free product to put VMware out to pasture.   Community, Responsibility, Freedom! Tweet

Migrate from Owncloud to Nextcloud

Is your Information Free? For decades, we have worked for freedom. Freedom to tinker, keeping information free, management of information, freedom from censorship. When considering your content, privacy and ownership or control of your private content, consider a private solution.   If you are interested in NextCloud, the Next BEST thing, check out    …
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