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The Banana Pi Blog has moved

Do you want a guest blog on bananap1.com? Adventures in banana – Your experiences are welcome! Tweet

Tina and the Coffee Can Antenna

So, last night, Tina came to visit. I wanted to show her the pi. She was having fun. I always thought maybe the boys would be more interested. Turns out she was! She started asking all kinds of questions. I was amazed. Not amazed that she was interested. Who wouldn’t be interested in the Pi!…
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The Banana and I are off to the Installfest at UAT

So, every couple of weeks I head out to the Installfest. At least, lately because they ROCK! I started going again because one time, someone needed Moodle. No one knew how. I did, so I showed up. It was fun. I went again months later. It rocked! So, this week, I’m working on a few…
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Banana Pi + USB needs

This weekend, I found myself in a very unique situation with the Banana pi. I ran out of USB ports.. 2 just wouldn’t do. I was switching back and forth with the keyboard/mouse. I needed at least 3: 1 Wireless WiFi 1 Keyboard 1 Mouse So, what to do?? Well, I try not to get…
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Banana Pi – Day 4: Igor… Put on the Headphones!!!

So, one of the benefits of dating a much younger guy is he makes a great assistant. Love might be nice but… having a loyal assistant is really important sometimes! 🙂 Sound works. Want HDMI sound also. Tweet

Banana Pi – Day 3

Today, I did not really have time to play with the Pi. I worked remotely so I could but things got really busy around here and I actually had so much work to do. I did find the wireless card. Wireless worked right out the door. The wireless card was a Netgear. Modules apparently already…
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Banana Pi – Day 2

This Pi is Bad ASS!!!! Worked on Printing but moving to Sound. Tweet

Banana Pi – Day 1 Loading SD Card

So, the first thing I wanted to do was to load the OS. Sometimes, it is a challenge to date someone years younger. I mean, there are some things… and also someone who doesn’t really understand technology at the same level. I went to get a beverage and I came back to the SD card…
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Banana Pi! Day 1

It’s a Banana Pi Puzzle!!! Case + Pi = $65 It has arrived!!!! Actually, I got 2. I already knew who I was going to give the 2nd one to. There were a lot of people who wanted one. They can get one. This one was for a legend. I know he will do great…
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