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Learn more, do more. We accept volunteer FAQs on related topics. If you are interested, contact us at Contact@faqlinux.com

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Project Coordinator
Cordell comes to us from NAU and has does have an Associates in IT with a Linux Certificate. He claims to be the original Linux Kid, starting to use GNU Linux at the tender age of 5. Cordell coordinates our projects, keeps us focused and ensures the fridge is full of mountain dew.
Known as the GNU Linux Kid, Alex has been using GNU Linux since before he was born! Alex does reviews and is heavy into retro pi.
For over 15 years, Marcia Wilbur has been working and using GNU Linux. She is the author of Linux Essentials (2003 Aries) and worked for the Free Software Foundation as an intern (2002). FAQ Linux was created as a resource for Linux documentation such as FAQs and Tutorials.

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